Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It’s really fun to have Down syndrome

Max (19, on the right in the picture):
It’s really fun to have Down syndrome. You get to do things that other people can’t do. Like not drive. (You like that?) Yes. Because driving is bad for the world, it’s air pollution. People with Down Syndrome are more flexible. They can do more things, like the way I can do the splits, not many people can do that.

I’ve learned that everybody has feelings - even the attractive ones.

Erin (15):
"The Possibles is a good chance and opportunity for other kids with Down Syndrome to come out and have fun. Some people don’t really have that many friends - they should come and meet some friends because it’d be really nice to see some smiles on their faces.
I’ve learned to be a better friend and to always look out for others. Whenever I see someone who’s lonely I just go up and say “Hi my name’s Erin. Want to have lunch with me?” and make them feel welcome…I hate to see people being left alone."

"My favourite part of Teen Possibles is knowing that I have friends here. It’s OK for me to come and just hang out and see my friends. We have a good time. It’s not just for people with disabilities, it should be for everyone to come out and have a fun time with others and meet others."

Andrew (20):
I think Down Syndrome is great. Lots of partying. Down Syndrome is great because you go to new places, like down south, up north. The Possibles is like a castle of heaven. This is like the kingdom of heaven; this is utopia, heaven on earth. There’s great people to socialize with, good tv, good music, true love --she’s out there in the world, never found her yet ..the picture in the back of my mind grows clearer and clearer each day…of a lady, long lost love.

Shape your own destiny.
And follow your heart.
There’s more… follow your dreams.
And… there’s more: believe in your heart.
There’s more: trust your heart.
And there’s more: true love will come - all of the friends of true love.
In the frames of true love, where true love will come.
And more: destiny.
And one more thing: tell the truth, nothing but the truth.
And one more thing: ignore darkness.

Eduardo (14):
What should people know?
Down Syndrome
Family and friends
We have different eye colour and hair colour
Are you not all the same?

I like taking pictures. And I like being in the pictures.
I like parties
We did Erin’s birthday and Halloween.
We watched a movie, and it was called Freedom Writers.
The best stuff.

Karsen (17):

The Possibles rock!

Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
It’s coming great… I know it.
It’s changed around… I’ve changed - I cut my hair.
Have you changed as a person - inside?
I feel great, because I do.

What should people know?
You need to learn about special needs from kids. You can learn from them. It’s a good thing.
Is not having to drive a good thing about Ds?
YEAH!!! Down syndrome is getting good!

This is Teen Possibles. They’re making the right choice about it. It’s great, I like being here! Maybe I’ll mix up this room!!

Dylan (14):
Teen Possibles is fun.
I come here, I want to.
I like girls, and movies. I liked being the director; I like taking pictures.
Why should there be more Possibles sessions?
Because I be good - I may get married!
Do you think you might meet someone here?

Andrew (as the bride, below): Treat women equally

Just a few of us got to record what we wanted to say last week. The rest of us will have our say when we meet again...


Anonymous said...

It's really fun to know someone with Down syndrome too! Hats off to 'the Possibles' who show anything is possible. Hats off to our dedicated members who developed this program and hats off to our fantastic volunteers supporting this program. BIG THANK YOU!!! Renate

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the pictures! And you're all beautiful, and I love what you guys have to say. I'm going to watch your blog, and absorb your positivity. I really needed it today.

Metta, Rjaye

Ruth said...

I really enjoyed seeing everyones's pictures and reading what you all have to say! I'll definitely be back to visit your blog.

Ettina said...

I really liked where one of you said you come up to lonely people and introduce yourself. I wish I'd gone to school with someone like that!