Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here are our latest pictures...

Dylan (in the middle in this photo) was photographer in chief this week. He took most of these photographs and told everyone what to do.

We chose High School Musical for our theme again for these photo's - this time we were thinking about the end scene when everyone dances and celebrates together. However, Max told us that, although he likes the dialogue in High School Musicals he is not really keen on musicals as a genre - he was in charge of videoing during this session.

We didn't have a session this Saturday because of the storm - hope you are all OK and have your power back on!


Anonymous said...

Terrific way to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Week! Your group is wonderful!

reneeforrestall said...

Hi -
Thanks for finding us!
We are having so much fun.
If you ever come to HFX - come & visit our group.
Marie's mom - Renee

Leah said...

This has become one of my favorite blogs! My daughter Angela is very interested in theater, and is just getting involved in a local group that travels the state doing various types of awareness shows, (drugs, friendships, disabilities, etc.) THANKS for doing such a wonderful blog. The photos are fantastic!

Kristin said...

Wow, great pictures everyone! Alice, I especially like the last one where Noah appears to be emerging from the picture frame :)

I enjoy looking at all the great pictures, keep up the good work!