Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Teen Possibles

Our new club starts on Saturday. We're going to be finding out about each other and taking photographs.

This photograph is of Justin. Justin lives in Australia. He is a young person who has Down syndrome. Justin loves body building and he wanted this photo to show how beautiful his body is.

This photograph is of Melissa.

"I dream of being a singer. It would be nice to be loved by many people and have all the glamour"

This photo is of Zac Efron. In this photo he has his hand on his heart. Maybe it is because he is in love.

Have you got a favourite photograph?


Alice said...

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Benetta said...

Like Wow!!!! This is a very engaging website !! I can't wait to see how things unfold over the coming weeks. Keep up this most excellent work everybody.

Anonymous said...

This one is from Brazil.
You are wonderful!!!
You have got talent, kids. Keep it up.
I sure am going to use your ideas in Rio de Janeiro.
The best of luck to you.
Maria Alice